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Safe Voting Portal

Update 2 January 2010— Photo Web Comics appears to be functioning properly. This space will be updated if the safety status changes.

Notice 8 July 2009—It appears that Photo Web Comics is having security issues again. The site is still up, which is why the button on this page still displays. It is probably not safe to visit, however. Updates will be posted here as the situation changes.

Due to some recent issues with a couple of the popular web comic voting sites, I have set up this page to act as a safe voting portal for fans of Kimono’s Townhouse. Clicking the links will open sites in a new window or tab.

Important Note: If any of the images are broken, and you see text instead of a button, this probably means that site is unavailable. The most likely reason is that the site is down, but it could also mean the site has been hijacked. Do not click the link if the image is broken!

STOP!  If you see this text and not an image, do not click this link. STOP!  If you see this text and not an image, do not click this link. STOP!  If you see this text and not an image, do not click this link.

If you receive an alert from your Internet security program: After Photo Web Comics was hijacked, some security programs indexed it as a harmful site. Therefore, links to PWC may set off alarms, even after the site’s maintainer regained control. Please be aware that this is not a problem with It is just your program being extra careful.

Avoiding Malware

I’m an honest girl who runs an honest site. Sometimes, though, a familiar website falls victim to ill–mannered geeks with nothing better to do. You might click a link and you suddenly get a pop–up saying you have a virus. Do not click these pop–ups.

If an unfamiliar alert appears on your screen, do not click it, not even to close the window. Sometimes, the red X in the corner of the alert is fake. Hit control/alt/delete to view the programs running on your computer. Select the bad program and click “End Task.”

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Other Spots

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Malware Info

If you visit a site that you think may have compromised your computer, please visit this site: Stop Badware.

Read about malware protection in Firefox.

Google Safe Browsing diagnostic for

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