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#250: Fast Zombies

Ponies are vegetarians, so zombies and vampires are the most frightening monsters to them. That might explain why they make even more zombie movies than we do!

Most zombie fans are divided into two camps: Pro–Fast Zombies and Anti–Fast Zombies. I’ve even seen Anti–Fast Zombie bumper stickers. The word “zombie” brings up images of slow–moving, undead masses, so there are fierce debates on whether the newer, infected–style creatures can be called zombies. Fans of classic film and role playing games, however, are quick to point out that both are different from the original concept, and that they are missing the presence of the very cool Zombie Master. And then there are the Resident Evil–style, mutated zombies! Personally, I do not understand the division. I love zombies in all their gooey forms.

Many, many apologies for the late update. I pride myself on keeping a steady, reliable schedule every week, so I hope no one was too bummed out.

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