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#164: An Ode to USB

For those reading this out loud, it might help to know that SCSI is pronounced “scuzzy.” This is, admittedly, far geekier than my usual fare.

Two computers ago, which translates to about eight years, I had a system that was a mess of cables and wires. My ZIP drive was a SCSI device, but my computer had no SCSI port. However, for reasons unknown, my scanner did have a SCSI port. I think it might have been for a printer to piggyback on the scanner, but luckily, my printer was a USB device, so all three coexisted on my desk. The PC connected to the scanner, and the scanner connected to the drive in a ridiculous chain. These days, virtually everything runs on USB and has plug and play capabilities, and I couldn’t be happier. No more adapters and piggybacking!

Many thanks to KT beta reader Jill, who helped me fix the meter in a couple spots. Much love!

The Webcomic Sonnet Challenge

After some encouragement from Joamette Gil, I am making this a meme. If you are a webcomic creator, you are challenged to write a sonnet! Send me a link to your masterpiece, and I will link to it from this page. .


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