KT Mobile

Selected Archive

11 Minty loves scented markers.
23 Minty gets a lot of spam emails.
28 Minty goes to sleep and meets the Dream Fairy, who has writer’s block.
34 Friends like each other just as they are.
38 The Dream Fairy introduces Minty to her conscience.
50 Minty takes a week off work, and Batmint is born.
67 Minty learns the difference between guacamole and wasabi.
68 When Minty becomes addicted to lolspeak and cat macros, her friends must intervene.
108 Minty drags Kimono into a comic shop.
112 Cooking with Superman, featuring Wolverine.
116 Minty handles a group of trolls on a message board.
136 Kimono gets a mysterious gift from her grandmother in Japan.
144 Kimono dreams about the speech demons, Wallah, Fopah and Persay.
158 Minty theorizes about medieval fanboys.
164 Minty writes a sonnet about the USB.
192 Minty and her Dungeons and Dragons group encounter a little girl on their quest.
227 Brightly loves Kimono.
241 Minty makes a terrible mistake with peroxide.
247 Kimono gets Minty to take her medicine.
266 Who Tooted?
269 Minty and Sparkleworks discuss Cthulhu.
273 Topaz is a space cat.
285 Sakura is passive–aggressive on Facebook.
302 Minty overhears a conversation in a toy store.