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Cooking with Superman: Green Onions

This is the sixth episode of “Cooking with Superman,” starring Green Lantern. My brother–in–law often claims that Green Lantern is the most powerful of the superheroes. I so beg to differ! Although he likes Kyle Rayner, and I prefer Hal Jordan, the simple fact remains the same. Neither of them can make edible onions.

This ended up being one of the most debated strips I’ve created, which I really wasn’t expecting. Green Lantern fans are divided on whether the ring can create onions! I have posed the question to Geoff Johns, who I consider to be the authority on such matters, but I am still waiting on an answer. For what it is worth, I did get to ask Ethan van Sciver at a convention, and he agreed the ring cannot do this.

Green Lantern can't make onions

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