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Dream Castle Repair Kit

Reproduction stickers from Kimono's Townhouse

I had an old Dream Castle in storage, which I decided to restore. The stickers were dark, damaged and falling off, so I scanned them and cleaned them up in Photoshop. I know a lot of other collectors have the same problem with their castles, so I’ve created this Dream Castle repair kit. The kit includes all of the castle’s stickers, including stickers for the flags, as well as patterns for the felt banners and throne liner. To show off your work (and in the interest of honesty), there’s also a sticker to place on the bottom of the castle, stating that it’s been restored.

The kit comes in four high–resolution PDF files. Be warned, these files are large. When you print them, be sure that they print at actual size. “Fit to Page” and “Shrink to Fit” options will result in your stickers printing up at the wrong size. I also recommend cutting these out with an X–Acto blade instead of scissors, so you get clean edges and fewer creases.

Page 1 includes twelve stickers. Page 2 includes ten stickers, two banner patterns and a credit sticker. Page 3 includes the throne liner pattern, throne assembly diagram from the original Dream Castle instruction sheet and tips for cleaning the castle. Page 4 gives instructions on where to place your new stickers. All open in separate windows.

Repair Kit page 1 Repair Kit page 2 Repair Kit page 3 Repair Kit page 4


5 June 2010: Page 1 improved, better copy of portrait of Spike’s mother. Page 4 added.

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