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#194: So Much for Bravery

Oh noes! The humiliation! How ever will Kimono show her face again?!

Our carefully trained team of monkeys have fallen behind on transcribing the comic, a vital process that feeds the KT search engine. You know, that useful widget that lets you find a particular comic because your friend said something that reminded you of it, and you just had to show it to them? This will not do! You can help out by heading over to our Oh No Robot page and writing a good transcript (no two–sentence summaries, please) for a comic on the list. Be sure to put your email address in the form, and I’ll send you a link to our nifty donation incentive wallpapers!

Kimono’s Townhouse updates every Wednesday. If you don’t see a new page for this week, check out our LiveJournal, where new content is provided every week, even if there is not a new comic.

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