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#182: A Man Without a Past

I studied history in college. Technically, I was an education major, but my heart was in history. I was idealistic—I was going to change lives teaching history, and I was going to present the past to students “as it really happened.” It wasn’t until my third year of college that I took historiography, and that is when I learned The Awful Truth. There is no “as it really happened.” This horrible realization left me disillusioned. I mourned the loss of history. I imagine a lot of history students go through the same shock. You learn you have dedicated your life to something that does not exist. The sad thing is that people expect historians to wrap the past in a neat box and present it to them without bias. This is literally impossible.

I should have taken that course my first year of college.

I adapted. I grew to enjoy historiography, enough that I pursued a master’s degree in it, but I still feel sad at having lost history. So I guess the moral of the story is to choose your major carefully, be skeptical of everything, and avoid The History Channel.

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