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#168: Nothing can Stop the Smooze

You really have to commend Minty on that. She always keeps a supply of face masks, because you never know when you'll need one.

For those who aren’t familiar with My Little Pony outside of this comic, the Smooze is from the 1980’s feature film. It’s a thick, purple goo that’s apparently sentient, which spreads uncontrollably, dissolving the landscape and destroying buildings in its wake. However, when it gets on a pony, it does not dissolve her on the spot, which would be the decidedly cooler outcome for the viewer. Rather, it alters her mood and makes her cranky, not unlike the pink slime from Ghostbusters II. For the purposes of this comic, Smooze is some type of hazardous waste, which can be spilled in Exxon Valdez fashion. Hey, even ponies have accidents.

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