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#88: Freudian Slips

What do you do when you see a friend wearing a bad, plastic–y weave? o_O My husband says Strawberry Swirl looks like Kathy Griffin. LOL!

Hasbro is making some odd business decisions this year. The first is the Core 7, a drastic reduction in the number of characters they will release. Normally, we get dozens of new ponies each year. Now, we get seven. Those seven ponies are all in the same sculpt, to facilitate the new, solid plastic clothing Hasbro has designed for the ponies. These new accessories include the horrible, plastic bangs seen here. I’ve placed them on Strawberry Swirl, who is stuck in the new, monolithic sculpt as commentary on Hasbro’s unusual decision.

I would also like to point out that the Core 7 includes neither Kimono nor Minty. The exclusion of Minty is especially puzzling.

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