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This is the KT Archive, a table of contents to the comic. If you’re looking for a particular episode, this page is for you! If you can’t find it here, try our LiveJournal, where each comic is tagged according to content and character appearances.

Warning: A brief summary is given for each episode, which some readers might consider spoilers.


1 Kimono and Minty move into their new house.
2 Minty plays with her computer mouse.
3 Kimono bugs Minty about the proper way to make a sandwich.
4 Fluttershy visits and learns what Minty does for a living.
5 Kimono gets a futon.
6 Minty explains the history of Man-Bat.
7 Kimono and Minty build a pool table.
8 Minty thinks the house is haunted and has Sparkleworks sleep over.
9 Kimono and Minty profess their love of Easter candy.
10 Kimono tries to get technical support from Minty.
11 Minty loves scented markers.
12 Minty sneaks a new pet into the house.
13 Minty hides her secret pet under her bed.
14 Minty teaches Kimono about semantic markup.
15 Kimono discovers Spackles the Duck.
16 Kimono hears Spackles’ story and decides he can stay.
17 Minty takes Tetris very seriously.
18 Minty wages battle with a gumball machine.
19 Minty opens Kimono’s mail and finds a noisy surprise.
20 Kimono doesn’t know the difference between Leia and Galadriel.
21 Minty takes a technical support call at work.
22 Minty and Sunny record funny technical support calls.
23 Minty gets a lot of spam emails.
24 Kimono and Fluttershy try to bake a pie and find something in the oven.
25 Minty buys a very large computer from Sweetberry.
26 Kimono finds Minty badly in need of sleep.
27 Minty’s sleep deprivation causes her to see things.
28 Minty goes to sleep and meets the Dream Fairy, who has writer’s block.
29 Kimono encounters the Winning Turtles Foundation.
30 Spackles loves Kimono.
31 Minty thinks old technology makes the best Halloween decorations.
32 Kimono brings home costumes, and Minty won’t come out of character.
33 At the Halloween party, Kimono learns about Japanese horror films.
34 Friends like each other just as they are.
35 Kimono can’t stop checking her blog.
36 Minty is a Christmas Tree Ninja.
37 Minty and Spackles beg to turn up the thermostat.
38 The Dream Fairy introduces Minty to her conscience.
39 ’Twas the Night Before Christmas.
40 Minty gets a Wii (silent Christmas page).

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41 Kimono doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions.
42 Kimono gets an unexciting gift from her grandmother.
43 Minty helps Kimono prepare for a job interview.
44 Kimono goes to an interview and meets Brightly.
45 Kimono’s interview goes horribly wrong… she thinks.
46 Minty tries to cheer up Kimono after she doesn’t get a new job.
47 Kimono gets a bouquet from Brightly.
48 Mutual of Ponyland has strange commercials.
49 Minty has new socks.
50 Minty takes a week off work, and Batmint is born.
51 Kimono enlists the help of Fluttershy in distracting Batmint.
52 In the library, everyone can hear you scream.
OU812 Cooking with Superman makes its first appearance.
53 Kimono considers breaking library rules in exchange for cocoa.
54 Minty thinks chores waste precious game time.
55 Kimono and Fluttershy discuss romance, and Minty breaks into song.
56 Shenanigans gives Minty a hot glue gun for her birthday.
57 Happiness is a glue gun.
58 Minty gives Kimono a silly hat, which she wears to work.
59 Kimono fries a hard drive.
60 Kimono takes a dead computer to Brightly in the computer lab.
61 Kimono cleans up for guests but is thwarted by Batmint.
62 Minty explains the Slashdot Effect.
63 Minty is afraid of catching Sunny’s gladioli.
64 Kimono sleeps through a tornado.
65 Minty still hasn’t unpacked all her boxes.
66 Kimono wants to level the house, and Minty panics.
67 Minty learns the difference between guacamole and wasabi.
68 When Minty becomes addicted to lolspeak and cat macros, her friends must intervene.
69 Cooking with Superman, featuring Batman.
70 Minty, excited about Metroid, dresses up as Mintus Aran.
71 Kimono buys a case of Ramen Noodles.
72 Adult responsibilities keep Minty from watching new movies.
73 Minty tries to fire her Dream Fairy but is thwarted by the Bureaucracy Fairy.
74 Minty gets a traffic ticket.
75 Minty tells the story about the worst time she got sick.
76 Kimono is wary of Minty’s Halloween decorations.
77 Blood Prize: even ponies make bad horror films.
78 Brightly shows up unexpectedly at Kimono and Minty’s Halloween party.
79 Brightly apologizes for crashing the party; Kimono gets tongue–tied.
80 Wysteria calls Minty for help in choosing a birthday gift for Kimono.
81 For Kimono’s birthday, Wysteria sends Minty to a comic convention.
82 Kimono misses Minty while she’s gone.
83 Minty returns home and tells how she almost got Jim Lee’s autograph.
84 Kimono explains how Minty becomes “code drunk.”
85 Minty tells Kimono why her grandmother’s recipes contain booby traps.
86 Kimono and Brightly have a close encounter under the mistletoe.

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87 A week after Christmas, Minty’s mess is still all over the house.
88 Kimono and Minty are visited by Strawberry Swirl, who has a bad hairpiece.
89 Minty’s Dream Fairy participates in the writers’ strike.
90 Cooking with Superman, featuring Etrigan.
91 Minty gives Kimono an ear worm.
92 Brightly recounts the big game to Kimono and Fluttershy.
93 Sunny resolves to quit her job at Pinkhost, only to receive a Valentine from Minty.
94 Kimono meets Sweetsong, who seems uncomfortably close to Brightly.
95 Minty’s dream about Batmint catching Killer Croc is interrupted by technical difficulties.
96 Minty wins a Wolverine.
97 Minty tells Shenanigans’ D&D group about how she won a Wolverine statue.
98 Minty plays along with the “Easter Bunny” so she can get lots of candy.
99 Kimono has a bad day at work.
100 Minty’s Wolverine statue arrives in the mail.
101 Cooking with Superman, featuring Iron Man.
102 Minty snoops in Kimono’s diary, only to be disappointed.
103 Minty is sick on her birthday.
104 Shenanigans and friends give Minty a drum kit for her birthday.
105 While building her drum kit, Minty requires eye protection.
106 Kimono dreams that Sweetsong is a giant bat who stalks Brightly.
107 Kimono, out of school for the summer, decides to get in shape.
108 Minty drags Kimono into a comic shop.
109 Kimono runs into Brightly at the grocery store, and Minty embarrasses her.
110 Kimono and Brightly have very different reactions to messy roommates.
111 Kimono’s mother sets her up for a blind date.
112 Cooking with Superman, featuring Wolverine.
113 Kimono gets ready for her date at Toola Roola’s salon.
114 Kimono goes on a blind date with Breezie.
115 Minty wants to see The Dark Knight dressed as Batmint.
116 Minty handles a group of trolls on a message board.
117 Kimono tells Fluttershy about her date with Breezie; Minty celebrates Shark Week.
118 Minty and Sparkleworks accidentally set off a spoiler war at Celebration Comics.
119 Kimono and Breezie cause mischief at the movies.
120 Minty has a dream, starring Minty and Minty.
121 Minty disturbs the entire household with her drumming.
122 Kimono and Breezie officially are an item, and he gives practical gifts.
123 Kimono begins her last year of school.
124 Minty cleans the kitchen, and Kimono is suspicious.
125 Spackles tries in vain to get a snack.
126 Minty wants to know Kimono’s middle name.
127 Cooking with Superman, featuring Green Lantern.
128 Kimono gives Minty responsibility for the Halloween party.
129 Kimono is injured in an accident at work.
130 Fluttershy and Brightly visit Kimono in the hospital.
131 Wysteria points out something interesting about Breezie.
132 Minty gets the wrong costume in the mail.
133 Minty thinks Wysteria has ruined Halloween.
134 Sakura gets in a fight with Kimono over her broken leg.
135 Minty takes advantage of clearanced pet costumes.
136 Kimono gets a mysterious gift from her grandmother in Japan.
137 Someone is digging in Kimono and Minty’s garbage.
138 Kimono discovers only getting good news isn’t very useful.
139 Minty wonders if Kimono’s leg will have superpowers once the cast is removed.
140 Minty tries to use the Contraption to learn Kimono’s middle name.
141 Kimono has her cast removed.
142 Minty writes a letter to Santa Claus.
143 Kimono and Minty share their resolutions.

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144 Kimono dreams about the speech demons, Wallah, Fopah and Persay.
145 Cooking with Superman, featuring Sinestro.
146 Minty wonders whether comic fans actually enjoy comics.
147 Brightly’s grandmother has an unusual gift.
148 Minty tries to explain Terminator continuity to Kimono.
149 Minty has a small, but painful, affliction.
150 Kimono gets a rather dull gift from Breezie for Valentine’s Day.
151 Kimono tries to keep Minty out of the fridge.
152 Kimono drinks her breakfast.
153 Minty imagines life as a bug.
154 Kimono confesses boredom with Breezie.
155 Minty discusses zombies with a tech support customer.
156 Kimono’s compost smells really bad.
157 Kimono worries about April Fool’s Day.
158 Minty theorizes about medieval fanboys.
159 Kimono and Fluttershy decide to go to grad school.
160 Kimono and Breezie have an argument.
161 Kimono breaks up with Breezie.
162 Kimono endures an obnoxious kid at the grocery store.
163 Cooking with Superman, featuring Hawkman.
164 Minty writes a sonnet about the USB.
165 Kimono graduates from Ponyville University.
166 Minty doesn’t like the band Rush.
167 Kimono and Minty puzzle over the Twitter phenomenon.
168 Kimono joins a volunteer organization, and is sent to a cleanup site.
169 Minty inherits a rather large box.
170 The air conditioner is broken, but Spackles manages to keep cool.
171 Kimono finally comes to terms with leaving Breezie.
172 Minty makes a terrible mess while trying to prepare oatmeal.
173 Minty cannot find her favorite pastry, and she suspects a conspiracy.
174 Kimono throws herself into volunteer work.
175 Cooking with Superman, featuring Doctor Fate (and Aquaman in a roundabout way).
176 Minty and Sunny wonder about possible layoffs at Pinkhost.
177 Kimono develops a crush on her volunteer leader, Parade.
178 Kimono and Minty discuss their favorite childhood toys.
179 Kimono volunteers at a soup kitchen and embarrasses herself in front of Parade.
180 Kimono receives a box of chocolates from a secret admirer.
181 Minty vs. a box of chocolates.
182 Brightly explains the nature of history.
183 Batmint gets stuck on the ceiling.
184 Kimono has too much homework.
185 Sweetsong bothers Kimono and Fluttershy, looking for Brightly.
186 A server at Minty’s job is out, and the employees are asked to cover it up.
187 Parade comes into Kimono’s library by mistake.
188 Minty has grand ideas for a new Halloween costume.
189 Kimono gives Minty a new Batmint cape.
190 Sunny joins a dating site, and her profile needs work.
191 Kimono, Minty and their friends debate the latest horror film, Paranormal Shenanigans.
192 Minty and her Dungeons and Dragons group encounter a little girl on their quest.
193 Minty ruins computer–related movies.
194 Kimono asks Parade out on a date.
195 Kimono learns an embarrassing truth about Parade.
196 Cooking with Superman, featuring Spiderman
197 Kimono struggles with Old Equish text.
198 Kimono laments having a cold in verse.
199 Wysteria visits Kimono and Minty for the holidays.
200 Wysteria gives Kimono a new pet, Wasabi the Iguana.
201 Minty explains the Repo Elves.
202 Spackles discusses resolutions with Wasabi.

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203 Minty tries to help a caller fix her router and needs backup.
204 Sunny accidentally gets a promotion.
205 Batmint tries to interrogate Wasabi.
206 Cooking with Superman, featuring Animal Man
207 Minty’s RPG group disagrees about the possibility of freezing fire.
208 Sweetsong and Brightly share an interest in football.
209 Kimono and Minty go to Brightly’s apartment for the big game.
210 Minty is lonely at work.
211 The Dream Fairy needs a good review from Minty.
212 Topaz leaves a mess in Brightly and T.S.’s kitchen.
213 Kimono and Minty discuss zombies, mummies and vampires.
214 Kimono cannot stand to ruin a pretty dessert.
215 Fluttershy thinks Brightly is dating Sweetsong.
216 Minty can’t wait for Saint Patrick’s Day to be over.
217 Minty has doubts about Kimono’s supper plans.
218 Kimono comes to a realization about Brightly.
219 Wasabi eats Minty’s action figure.
220 Shenanigans turns down an offer for the “first issue” of Superman.
221 Kimono tells Fluttershy how she feels about Brightly.
222 Minty needs sleep; ice cream melts.
223 Minty gets a call at work from a lottery player.
224 Kimono and Fluttershy ask Brightly about his plans after graduation.
225 Kimono and Minty discuss the ownership of words.
226 Sweetsong reveals her true motives.
227 Brightly loves Kimono.
228 Minty has reservations about Brightly.
229 Cooking with Superman, featuring Trigon.
230 Spackles frames Wasabi.
231 Kimono takes care of Topaz while Brightly is out of town.
232 Minty is böred.
233 Minty asks if Brightly can do magic.
234 Kimono and Brightly go to a carnival.
235 The alphabet according to Minty.

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