Kimono's Townhouse

geek humor in a pink world

Our Story Thus Far

Kimono’s Townhouse is a vignette–based comic, meaning that most pages stand alone so that new readers can jump in at any time. The comic does have some continuity, though, so here is a brief summary of the story so far.

The Main Story

Kimono is a straight–laced, overachieving student at Ponyville University who buys a townhouse in the suburbs. She takes in a roommate to offset the costs of her mortgage, and as a result, she ends up living with Minty, a hyperactive, loud and geeky pony. Kimono works in the government documents section of the Ponyville University Library, while Minty works in technical support for a company called Pinkhost.

The two ponies gradually learn more about each other but find themselves in constant struggle. Minty adopts a duck named Spackles, despite Kimono’s rule against having pets in the house. She also causes loud noises, leaves socks in the oven and opens Kimono’s mail. In turn, Kimono harasses Minty about leaving messes and not doing things “right.” When Minty overworks herself to the point of exhaustion and hallucination, Kimono realizes she cares for her roommate and considers her a friend. Even though they are now close friends, Kimono still finds herself irritated by Minty, especially when she dresses up as her alter ego, Batmint.

Kimono applies for a new position at the school library, and it is then that she meets Brightly, a handsome fellow student. Kimono does not get the job, but Brightly does, and the two have shared shy flirtations since then. Kimono’s friend, Fluttershy, is determined to get the two together.

Kimono decides to take time away from school during one summer break. She uses this time to relax and improve her own well–being. While she’s away from school, work, Fluttershy and Brightly, her mother sets her up on a date with Breezie, a likable if somewhat unexciting medical school student. Kimono and Breezie date for awhile, but Kimono breaks off the relationship when Breezie insults Minty and then won’t admit he was wrong.

Unsure of what to do after graduating, Kimono and Fluttershy decide to enroll in grad school. Kimono meets a handsome guy while doing volunteer work, and she gets the courage to ask him out. She is mortified to learn that he is a new professor at her university. Meanwhile, Minty has challenges of her own. Her best friend at work, Sunny, has been promoted to a management position, leaving Minty working next to a boring, empty cubicle. And Kimono has a new pet, Wasabi, who might be Minty’s arch nemesis.


Substories include the Dream Fairy, a figment of Minty’s imagination who is responsible for the dreams she has. The Dream Fairy tends to be uncooperative, and Minty is not pleased with her job performance. Another substory is “Cooking with Superman,” a cooking show where viewers never learn how to cook anything, hosted by none other than Superman himself.

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