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Character Profiles

Kimono’s Townhouse has a colorful cast, both literally and figuratively. Here are the characters you’ll see most often in the pages of KT. Warning! You may see some spoilers if you’re still reading the archive.

Major Characters Minor Characters

Major Characters


Kimono Vale

This is Kimono Vale. She is better than you. She’s beautiful, intelligent and cultured. A career student in Asian Studies, she maintains a perfect GPA at Ponyville University. Kimono thinks the main problem with Ponyville is that it’s full of ponies. This is why she jumped at the chance to live in a gorgeous, three–story townhouse in the suburbs.

Although she is brilliant, Kimono is often shy and awkward in social settings. Some interpret this as snobbish, when she actually is deeply concerned for others. Kimono works at the Ponyville University Library with her friends, Fluttershy and Brightly.

Kimono’s biggest challenge is living with Minty, her roommate. Kimono prefers to live in a clean, organized and tranquil environment, which Minty fills with clutter, noise and pop culture references Kimono doesn’t understand.

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Minty Bobbins

This is Minty Bobbins. What she lacks in wit she makes up for with enthusiasm. Although she doesn’t seem particularly bright, Minty is a caring pony and a loyal friend. She also collects socks. Minty shares Kimono’s townhouse, much to Kimono’s chagrin.

Despite appearances, Minty is quite bright. Her interests are so narrowly focused that they exclude other, sometimes common sense, ideas. She also is easily amused. Because of her occasional lack of common knowledge, along with her naïve attitude, casual observers often think Minty is dimwitted.

Minty is, above all else, a geek at heart. She lives for comic books, video games, action figures and movies. She sacrifices sleep to post on message boards and write webpages, and she thrives on a constant fuel of sugar and caffeine. Minty works in technical support at Pinkhost, the top Internet service provider and webhosting company in Ponyland. She has many friends, but her two best friends are Sparkleworks and Sweetberry.

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Spackles the Duck

Spackles the Duck

Spackles is Minty’s pet duck. He originally belonged to another family, who’d bought him as a gift for Easter but later abandoned him when they no longer considered him “cute.” Although Minty had agreed to Kimono’s rule about having no pets, she adopted him and smuggled him into the house. Kimono discovered Spackles weeks later, and she was so touched by his story that she allowed Minty to keep him. Minty named him Spackles, thinking it similar to pet names like Twinkles or Sparkles.

Even though Spackles is Minty’s pet, he loves to follow Kimono wherever she goes. Unfortunately, Kimono is startled easily, so she is often bothered by the duck.

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Fluttershy Brooks

Fluttershy Brooks is Kimono’s best friend and a photography student at Ponyville University. A no–nonsense pony, Fluttershy has a calm, unshakeable personality, and she excels at solving problems. Kimono turns to Fluttershy whenever she’s unsure about a situation. However, Fluttershy sometimes creates these situations by trying to solve a problem she sees without being asked.

Fluttershy works at the Ponyville University Library with Kimono and Brightly. Her current favorite project is trying to pair Kimono with Brightly, with mixed success.

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Brightly Schon

Brightly Schön is a computer science major at Ponyville University. He works in the computer lab at the university library, and he first met Kimono when he interviewed for the job, as she also had applied. Brightly would like to be friends with Kimono, and he is forward in approaching her, but so far, little has come from his efforts.

Brightly is only half–unicorn, but he inherited some unicorn characteristics. Like all unicorns, he ages and grows more slowly. For this reason, Brightly is slightly older than Kimono, but developmentally, they are the same age. He does not have magical abilities, but thanks to his keener mental abilities, he is adept at mathematics and memorization. He is courteous, witty and well–groomed, although he sometimes is a bit cheeky.

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Breezie Goforth

Breezie Goforth is a medical student at Tresia Province University. He met Kimono on a blind date arranged by the pair’s mothers, and the two began dating regularly. Breezie is friendly and kind, and he cared for Kimono when she was injured at work. He tends to be a bit dull, dominating conversations with topics most would not find interesting.

Kimono likes Breezie’s intelligence and enjoys his company, but she was mortified when her sister, Wysteria, pointed out that he looks almost exactly like their father.

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Sunny Daze

Sunny Daze is a sharp–witted pony stuck in a thankless job. Working in the cubicle next to Minty at Pinkhost, Sunny sarcastically dishes out assistance and swears each morning that this will be the day she quits. She dreams of leaving Pinkhost and getting a high–paying job at another company, like her ex–coworker, Sweetberry, did. Sunny is a born leader, and she knows she is capable of more than she is doing.

Sunny engages in small, rebellious behaviors at work, hoping to be fired. She hides her phone and nameplate under her desk and pretends to drink on the job. She also records funny tech support calls. She often takes down posters from her cubicle walls, not wanting to become attached to the place, but Minty always puts them back.

Like Kimono, Sunny is often at odds with Minty’s exuberant personality. Despite her disgruntled appearance, Sunny can be quite friendly once she decides she trusts someone. Most of her coworkers call her by her full name, which has become her greatest pet peeve.

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Minor Characters


Sparkleworks Lynn

Sparkleworks Lynn is a pyrotechnician, a lucrative career in Ponyville, a city known for its frequent celebrations. “Sparky” and Minty have been friends since they were very young, and they share many of the same interests. When Minty gets scared or needs comforting, she usually turns to Sparkleworks. Like Fluttershy, Sparkleworks is a calm, collected pony who rarely is startled, a good quality to have when one works with explosives.

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Shenanigans Carpenter

Shenanigans Carpenter may be the one pony in Ponyville who is more hyperactive than Minty. She works at Celebration Comics, Minty’s favorite hobby shop, and she is known as the best game master in Ponyville, running weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Shenanigans is an accomplished prankster. She recently caused Kimono a lot of trouble by giving Minty a hot glue gun for her birthday.

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Sweetberry Cooper

Sweetberry Cooper is a mutual friend of Minty and Kimono. When Kimono bought her townhouse, she needed to find a roommate to help offset the costs of her mortgage. When no one responded to her ad, Sweetberry introduced her to Minty, who she was working with at the time.

Sweetberry has since quit Pinkhost, and she is now in charge of IT sales at Bell Computers. Sweetberry is a quiet pony, so one is never quite sure what she is thinking. She takes everything in stride, which has helped her have a very successful career.

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Chochin and Drifter

Chochin and Drifter Vale

Chochin and Drifter Vale are Kimono’s parents. Chochin was born in Japan, and she is a landscape artist, responsible for the fancy gardens at many of Dream Valley’s largest companies. Drifter is British, and he works as an accountant. The two met while attending finishing school in Dream Valley, and they decided to stay there.

The pair have three children, Wysteria, Kimono and Cherry Blossom. Kimono looks identical to her mother, and the other two girls also strongly resemble her, having inherited her violet coat and green eyes.

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Wysteria Vale

Wysteria is the oldest of the Vale sisters. Thoughtful and wise, Kimono values Wysteria’s advice whenever she is in trouble. Wysteria is one of the more famous authors in Ponyland, having written several novels and a collection of poetry. She is a romantic at heart.

Now that she has finished school and started a successful career, Wysteria spends much of her time gardening and traveling. She is considering lecturing at a nearby university, and she would like to start a family someday soon.

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Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Vale

Sakura “Cherry Blossom” Vale is Kimono’s younger sister, who is studying fashion design abroad. Although her given name is Sakura, she chooses to go by Cherry Blossom instead. The one wild child in a peaceful family, Cherry Blossom often argues and fights with Kimono, leaving Wysteria to patch things up between them. Her antics also worry her mother, which Wysteria is helpless to solve.

When Cherry Blossom graduates, she wants to intern with a big designer and then start her own studio, which she will call Cheerilee Designs.

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Joy and Chip

Joy and Chip Bobbins

Joy and Chip Bobbins are Minty’s parents. Joy was a homemaker when Minty was young, but she now runs a small business selling homemade jellies and jams. Chip recently retired from his job as a cabinet maker. He now uses his woodworking skills to make toys for charity. While Joy is a boisterous, bubbly personality, Chip is more reserved, quietly taking in his surroundings.

Minty is Joy and Chip’s only child, and they are very proud of her. The two live in Flutter Valley, a popular location for retired ponies.

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