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Technical Specifications is written in standards–compliant, semantic XHTML, and it is styled with CSS2. The markup was hand coded by Dava Butler. All original images were created using Photoshop 6.0. .

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Minty thinks Dava is pretentious

In order to optimize load time and improve accessibility, overly large images are avoided whenever possible, and links to large files are marked clearly.

All text within this site is scalable and is presented in high contrast for readers with low vision. To increase the size of the text on this website, select your preferred text size in the “View” menu of your browser. You may also choose your default text size in the accessibility options of your computer’s operating system. This is located under the Control Panel of both Windows and Apple OS X.

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Unfortunately, Kimono’s Townhouse comic images are, by their nature, inaccessible to sightless readers and illegible on handheld devices. For this reason, this site has limited features for adaptive technologies and mobile browsers. This problem will be corrected as technology allows.

Although this site is designed to display correctly in older browsers, it will look best in one of the newer ones. We recommend using Firefox.

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