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History of Kimono’s Townhouse

Minty says Dava fails

Kimono’s Townhouse has a long and varied history. While its origins could be dated back to the stories the author acted out as a child, which included a pony librarian named Blossom, KT’s story starts with a failed webcomic called My Little Pony: Aftershock.

My Little Pony: Aftershock

Panel from MLPA

My Little Pony: Aftershock (rated: PG 13) started in 2002 and only lasted two episodes. The story combined elements of Toy Story, in which toys become disaffected after learning they are not “real”, as well as elements from espionage stories and the Civil Rights course the author was taking at the time. The story was dark and had strong, adult themes—a group of rebels fighting for equality, a mysterious Oracle who led the fight, and a struggle that would ultimately end in mass firebombings. Although Dava felt the background story was solid, the comic itself was not as impressive. Poor photography detracted from the story, and a lack of interest by readers eventually led the author to abandon the project. However, Dava had amassed a large number of toys and props for MLPA, which led to a new project: Fun with Dava’s Accessories.

Fun with Dava’s Accessories

Minty has too much caffeine

Fun with Dava’s Accessories (rated: PG 13) started in 2003, when Hasbro released the third generation of the My Little Pony line. Dava combined these new ponies with all her props from MLPA to create an interactive project called FWDA. The project worked like a scavenger hunt in reverse, with readers giving prompts or stories, which Dava interpreted in photographic form. The project ran periodically until 2005, ending with the fifth FWDA.

The development of FWDA brought many changes. Dava’s collection of ponies and accessories grew. She got a new camera and developed better skills as a photographer. And, most importantly, she developed personalities for some of the ponies, among them Kimono and Minty.

Kimono gets a Townhouse

On Christmas 2005, Dava’s husband gave her the ultimate accessory for her collection, a three–story townhouse. She immediately decided this would be the home of Kimono, her favorite third generation pony, and she set to customizing and redecorating the house. She chronicled her progress in “picfic” form in her blog, adding Minty as a hyperactive roommate for humor. Her friends encouraged her to turn these stories into a webcomic. Reluctant at first, Dava eventually gave into pressure, and Kimono’s Townhouse first appeared at LiveJournal on 8 February 2006.

The KT cast

Dava took a different approach this time, writing a story that combined adult experiences and geek humor with childhood whimsy and wonder. This All Ages approach seemed to hit the right chord, as the comic quickly grew to several hundred readers, mostly My Little Pony collectors, within the first six months. This led to LiveJournal choosing KT for the LiveJournal Spotlight in June 2007, causing the comic’s readership to grow exponentially. People of all ages, interests and backgrounds began reading KT. As a result of this newfound success, Dava launched the official Kimono’s Townhouse website in December 2007.

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