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Fan Activity Guidelines

Kimono’s Townhouse has the best fans. I am constantly surprised by their enthusiasm, and they make me feel loved and special. Readers are what make a comic fun.

Unfortunately, some fan activity can put an author in a really difficult position. After a series of awkward events, I realized I needed to seek outside advice about my rights as an artist. I have a legal obligation to protect my copyrights, but I do not want to discourage well–meant fan activity. For these reasons, I am providing these Fan Activity Guidelines.

Please look over them carefully, and if you have any concerns at all, feel free to contact me. I want to work with my fans, not against them. I hope everyone understands that this is one of those necessary things an author has to do so she can get back to doing fun stuff. .

Disclaimer: No permission is implied or granted for commercial use. No license is granted or implied by these guidelines. Please read our copyright information for commercial site guidelines.

Fan Fiction and Story Ideas

I cannot accept story ideas and I have been advised not to read Kimono’s Townhouse fiction written by others. Please understand that this is to reduce my own liability.

  1. I do not discourage fans from writing fan fiction.
  2. Please do not attempt to share fan fiction or story ideas with me.
  3. Any fan fiction must contain a disclaimer that it is not an official Kimono’s Townhouse story and that it is not affiliated with KT in any way.

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Fan Art

I love fan art, and I don’t discourage fans from creating it. If you have created fan art, please consider sharing it with me, and I may place it in the Gallery Page. However, please do not share art that contains a narrative or story line, as I have been advised not to read Kimono’s Townhouse fan fiction.

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I don’t discourage fans from roleplaying as characters from Kimono’s Townhouse. However, I must avoid participation in roleplay, as it exposes me to story ideas from others.

  1. Do not engage in roleplay in any official Kimono’s Townhouse forum. This includes Minty’s Blog and the Kimono’s Townhouse LiveJournal. Roleplay in these areas causes confusion amongst readers.
  2. Do not impersonate me (Dava Butler), nor present yourself as part of the Kimono’s Townhouse team.
  3. Do not attempt to share KT roleplay stories with me.

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Fan Sites

I don’t discourage fans from creating fan sites, and I am honored that some fans want to do so. I ask that fans who want to create fan sites observe the following guidelines to avoid copyright infringement.

  1. Please provide a link to this website,
  2. Do not use the black and white silhouette logo, and do not make the site appear to be part of the official Kimono’s Townhouse website.
  3. Do not copy the text or images on this site. Copying text or the organization of ideas is plagiarism.
  4. Brief passages and images no larger than 260 pixels by 200 pixels may be used in connection with a review. In all cases, a link to the original work must be provided.
  5. Do not mirror the content of this site. Mirrored content would remove incentive for readers to visit this site, which would cause more harm than benefit to Kimono’s Townhouse.
  6. Several images are provided for free use by fans. Please consider using any of our link banners or free avatars. Be sure you save these images to your own server.
  7. Please include a disclaimer statement, such as, “Kimono’s Townhouse is copyright of Dava Butler. This site is not approved by, sponsored by or affiliated with Kimono’s Townhouse.”
  8. Let us have a look! We might provide a link on our Links Page.

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