Kimono's Townhouse

geek humor in a pink world

About the Author

A photo of Dava

Dava Butler is a geeky girl who lives in Central Texas with her husband, Kris. After graduating from Baylor University in 2001, she went on to work at a comic shop while she attended grad school to study history, keeping a balance between two very different worlds. She currently works at a paleontological site and makes her own, independent comic, as well as juggling several other projects, such as copy editing, web design, and customization of action figures and other toys.

Dava has had a lifelong obsession with miniatures, and she has collected My Little Pony since she was four. She began writing stories at age five and photographing ponies a few years later. Kimono’s Townhouse utilizes a collection of miniatures and toy accessories she has accumulated since childhood.

Dava as a Ghostbuster

When she isn’t busy with her job as a Professional Minty Wrangler, Dava is known to dress as a Ghostbuster.

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