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Credits and Copyrights

Kimono’s Townhouse is a big project, and it wouldn’t be possible without a lot of help from others.

Kimono’s Townhouse Copyright

Kimono’s Townhouse, the black silhouette logo, “geek humor in a pink world,” and all photographs, storylines and scenarios of Kimono’s Townhouse are copyright of Dava Butler, 2006. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form, including electronic, without permission from the author.

Brief passages and images no larger than 260 pixels by 200 pixels may be used in connection with a review. In all cases, a link to the original work must be provided. Please contact the author if using an image or text for this purpose. .

All Other Copyrights

My Little Pony and all related characters, including Kimono and Minty, are copyright of Hasbro, Incorporated. This site is not affiliated with Hasbro, and the characters have been used without permission.

Batman and Superman are copyright of DC Comics. Star Wars is copyright of Lucasfilm. All other characters are copyright of their respective owners, and no infrigement is intended.

Kimono’s Townhouse is served up with Walrus 2.9.

“Mighty Zeo 2.0” font is copyright of Nate Peikos of, and is used under the terms of the license agreement for independent comics. Be sure to check out his site. He’s pretty awesome.


Minty thanks our friends

A huge thank you to my beta readers, the KT Task Force. I could not have done this without your guidance.

Kimono’s futon and tatami mat bedding were created by R. Korol of PlasticNoodles. Be sure to visit her site to see more of her lovely creations.

Custom plush and seasonal items created by Jill Christine of Mint Conspiracy. Careful! Her work is addictive!

A very special thank you to Kris, my best friend and partner in life. I couldn’t ask for a better collaborator.

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